My Book of Erotica Is Now Available Free On Amazon

You can read my book, Crazy Bitches, for free on Amazon for five days. 


I Am Tessa Clementine, Writer of Crazy Bitches


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My first book, Crazy Bitches, is now available at Amazon. If you wait until midnight it will be free for five days. In this book I assumed the persona of Henry Wolfsburg, a hard-drinking, hard-working playboy owner of a nightclub. My challenge was to make him witty, attractive, but completely amoral.

Crazy Bitches is a book I wrote after watching the movie Quills, and I took up the challenge of trying to write the foulest sexual scenarios I could think of. Just having the freedom to do so seemed to mean something after watching that movie. It was actually written in 2007, but I never intended to really publish it. Something about the process of writing just for the sake of writing, and writing with the belief no one would ever see it gave me a liberty to say things that I never would have said had I know it would be published one day.

Writing from the point of view of a male main character, I started to actually like Henry Wolfsburg, even though much of his behavior was despicable, at best.

There are seven stories in the book. each with their own particular perversity, allure, and fascination. Here is an example from The Billboard…

“Trick or treat.”

Tantalized by the possibilities dripping from Sammy’s innuendo Hank answered: “Both, but how about we start with a treat and have some tricks later.” Anticipating Sammy’s request he handed her a Miller Lite.

She sucked it exactly as Hank hoped she would, paying special attention to the head. There’s a special, almost painful pleasure in knowing a woman has decided she’s going to make love to you. Those final, bewildering moments before two people surrender to each other’s passions is an intricate, almost comical dance in which all that is true and good and sacred about love is possible and all that is true and real and inevitable about human nature is likely.

“So, what does a girl have to do to get interviewed around here,” Sammy blurted out, accentuating her demand for cock by licking the entire shaft of the bottle.”